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  1. One thing I definitly love about this place is...
  2. Well, I'm here!
  3. The "post a music video" thread
  4. You know...this place is damned addictive...
  5. So, this forum and its eh...screwiness...
  6. Fresh Start
  7. I'm the Juggurnaut, bitch!
  8. Finally changed the Avatard
  9. Voting for 16 year-olds???!!!
  10. I like the new Forum
  11. I'm being attacked...
  12. Sometimes I drive through the country.....
  13. This is some spooky s**t here...
  14. Don Knotts RIP (for Crappingbear)
  15. A funny for Smart Ladies, and Guys who can handle a little criticism
  16. Archieved Movie Sites?
  17. So how are we all?
  18. For you Soul Asylum fans...
  19. BBC comedy vs America
  20. Gun buying opinions, (since Cb is still lurking.)
  21. Over 30% of net traffic is torrent?
  22. Now this is too funny...
  23. Go Cameron go!
  24. Neil and Andy Appreciation Thread
  25. Totally Togepi!
  26. Another Christian overreaction-RFIDs are "sign of the beast"?
  27. Patriot Act gets final congressional approval
  28. Anyone remember Idalis from mtv ?
  29. anyone else still impressed with Flash Gordon the movie?
  30. My dog Bub.....
  31. Well... Just ordered "Cell"...
  32. Fine...I've relented Neil, BUT
  33. Holy Censorship Batman!!!!!
  34. What is your fav horror movie scene non zombie related?
  35. Argh my eyes! Argh me ears!
  36. Anyone know the title of this horror film?
  37. I finally watched Flightplan.......
  38. A question about what I guess is a picture or photo.
  39. Any musicians here?
  40. Rep power?
  41. Martin
  42. Barry Bonds and steroids: Finally busted?
  43. War!
  44. Review: The Good Life by Jay McInherney
  45. Cool shotgun video
  46. Roth to direct King's CELL
  47. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
  48. Old look of the old forum
  49. Anyone remember the HPOTD stickers? Cerevel made them
  50. Time, once again, for a fun-filled game of - NAME THAT FLICK!!!
  51. Hey, Neil -- --Q: about Depeche Mode
  52. "Cell"...
  53. Damnation Alley
  54. An interesting Uwe Boll interview...
  55. So I was watching Flash Gordon again and it got me thinking
  56. anyone for The Hills Have Eyes tonight?
  57. any one seen GAR season of the witch
  58. george romero .com
  59. fog remake worth seeing?
  60. At last! Garth Merenghi's Darkplace on DVD!
  61. Evil Aliens
  62. favorite horror movies from the 80s
  63. MySpace: The Movie...
  64. what is the strangest movie you ever watched?
  65. More signs there is just no hope for the British public!
  66. HILLS HAVE EYES-no spoilers-
  67. Oh, what a day it's been,......
  68. DVD / Hard drive recorders...
  69. Issac Hayes quits south park
  70. Judge to force Google's hand
  71. So true...
  72. Old Stats
  73. on 10,000 days
  74. House of 1000 Corpses
  75. My dog Bub REALLY looking like his namesake...
  76. V for Vendetta? Any good? [MERGED THREADS]
  77. 9/11 - the jumper doc on Channel 4...
  78. DNA nebula Found
  79. The Hills Have Eyes (quick review, no spoilers)
  80. very out there video clip EXTREMELY(NSFW) 18+ only!!!!!
  81. Okay...so now I've seen Hills Have Eyes 2006...*spoiler free baby*
  82. This doen't sound like we set up a free country
  83. Good grief!!!!
  84. Tales from the Crypt, season 3
  85. Sometimes I'm in favour of the death penalty!
  86. The greatest book ever wrote!!!!
  87. Futurama to be coming back?
  88. another Q about Japanese horror.....
  89. Japanese Horror film - *Pulse.
  90. memoirs of an attention whore
  91. Why Why Why??
  92. Any ideas?
  93. "Hot Fuzz" production videos...
  94. Parents these days eh...
  95. Ahhhh the days of University...
  96. Lucio Fulci and you
  97. The Silent Hill movie looks really good
  98. My Bro's band is pretty good
  99. Scram jet news....
  100. Serious scientific stuff!
  101. Shootings in Seattle at a "Zombie Party"...
  102. Ok..maybe I am queer now..
  103. Stay Alive
  104. Deathbringer...
  105. I just have to ask
  106. Resistance is Futile
  107. "School Of Rock" - What a very average film...
  108. KING KONG on DVD
  109. Solar Eclipse tomorrow
  110. Them thar Scientologists just get weirder...
  111. Now if she'd just advocate with me...
  112. Attn: Computer Tech Geeks
  113. "Miami Vice" film - anyone heard the Linkin Park track?
  114. The time has come!
  115. This is the nastiest and scariest thing I have ever seen
  116. I can top Funkmaster's "nasty" post
  117. Eat my ass Labour party!!!
  118. Audio Clip from Snakes on a Plane
  119. Ya know ya did good when...
  120. Something I've been saying forever...
  121. ESA to build Moon Base Alpha?
  122. The time has come: MP3 Players!?
  123. Massive Multi-Category Film List...or too much time on my hands
  124. More on Camel Spiders
  125. Ah, my immaturity...
  126. What the ? - ... this is sick!!!
  127. Downfall
  128. Why can't I leave this site?
  129. Vee Dub!
  130. It has begun
  131. My favorite scene in a movie ever
  132. Finally...after 4 years, tis complete...
  133. More video clips of my time at university...
  134. First Post
  135. A new reason to continue the Space Program.
  136. fun with Legos
  137. I cant belive its been 12 years
  138. Last weekend: tornado chase photos
  139. it just turned.......
  140. The New HPotD Chat room opens!
  141. The End of an Era: Gorrilaz Split!
  142. Faith schools...
  143. Heh...some movie news I hadn't heard
  144. 2040 - your predictions
  145. President Bush becomes corporate shill
  146. post your pic thread!!!!
  147. Sean of The Dead comes to smallest screen (cell)
  148. Summertime movies...
  149. The Ten Dollar Commandments
  150. 25 Signs you're getting older...
  151. UK folks,Ghost boat...
  152. zombie cartoon
  153. V for Viscious
  154. Defnitive proof that Gorrilaz are splitting...
  155. in the "I had no idea" department
  156. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and The Breakfast Club?
  157. Hooliganism dead?!? NEVER!!
  158. Check out my two demos
  159. F*** Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church!!!
  160. Clerks 2 - official trailer!!
  161. SOmething for all the ladies out there...Good advice for guys too.
  162. And the blonde jokes never end...
  163. Tales from the Crypt "Ritual"
  164. Here is a question for the brainiacs here...
  165. I'm a published Author!!! (Sort of...)
  166. Finally watched Hostel today: SPOILERS:
  167. Wtf?!?
  168. IT has arrived....
  169. Doctor Who compared to Dawn of the Dead?
  170. I always thought Mary was a virgin... (for DJ!)
  171. the 100 most unsexy men in the world
  172. Had my first living-dead dream last night in MANY years...
  173. Im preparing sculptures for an art show at mason...
  174. What movie would Alfred Hitchcock make today?
  175. One more on Tom Cruise
  176. Hahahah ... everyone check this out ASAP!
  177. Cykotic
  178. So.... Who wants a full Sized Dalek?
  179. Happy 420 all day today.
  180. my avatar
  181. How we do things in Britain
  182. Odd story in the news
  183. Anyone else watch the Ultimate Fighter?
  184. Fans of The Shield
  185. American McGee's Alice: The Movie???
  186. Using illegal/unregistered operating system?
  187. Geoge Bush had one too many
  188. Faith schools & the N.U.T...
  189. Ash vs Jason
  190. so, who else here was let down by.........
  191. Sean Connery is the man...
  192. Jason and the Argonauts on TV....
  193. Ok...who saw Silent Hill? (spoilers)
  194. Is your town a gateway to hell?
  195. Silent Hill worth seeing?
  196. Caution: Praying REALLY is hazardous to your health!
  197. DVD ripping question...
  198. New Tool album.
  199. advent children came out yesterday
  200. Any heavy metal maniacs here?
  201. Chernobyl Disaster - Check this out!
  202. history of the word ****
  203. I thought this would make a good place to film a horror movie
  204. The rules...
  205. Has anybody read the current Rolling Stone?
  206. So how do you see it all ending?
  207. "I Am Legend" - No! No! No! Nooo! Nooooooo! No!
  208. OK... This made me laugh...
  209. For those who don't frequent the filmmakers forum...
  210. NEW cool find while hiking in the woods!!!
  211. DVD company with great customer service!
  212. So what do you guys think about "bird flew"?
  213. Some of you may laugh at this one.
  214. Let me tell you a little story about foot surgery.
  215. Book bound in human skin found in northern England
  216. Was reading my horoscope this morning on two different websites and....
  217. Judge Rules: Internet surfing at work not an offense for dismissal.
  218. internet connections
  219. So, what exactley IS a "hate crime"?
  220. wow, Mexico leagalizes drugs.
  221. Gas Prices, Then & now!
  222. ....(Sculpture Pictures)
  223. UK folks - Argh! Rooney injured!
  224. Heavy Metal Maniacs Redux
  225. did anyone catch the whitehouse correspondents dinner?
  226. Miramax props on ebay
  227. oh my, the stupidity!!!!!
  228. Anyone seen Slither yet?
  229. Hey everyone i need your help!!! READ!
  230. "urban exploration" ??? (pictures... bad for dial up)
  231. What was that werewolf movie called?
  232. College Snitches
  233. Sorry if you have an Apple Computer...
  234. Last nights Soprano's Episode (SPOILERS)
  235. One reason not to run from the cops in TEXAS
  236. Don't ever drive when tired!
  237. Jurassic Fart... Very funny
  238. Name that Flick!!!
  239. the ultimate zombie party album,lol.
  240. being inspired by DJs post name gas prices where your from
  241. "A Day Without Mexicans"
  242. Resident Evil star arrested on DUI charges
  243. This is kinda twisted.
  244. Another version of the penguin game but...
  245. Coyotes for Dummies...
  246. Reminder - my film on BBC Local TV tonight...
  247. The cure for FARTING in public!
  248. The only reason to buy a Dell PC.
  249. The look that can kill an erection
  250. How the hell did this get through the censors?