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  1. INFO @ http://www.homepageofthedead.com/films/land
  2. Preparing for pandemic: know how to bury your dead
  3. Pretty Cool custom DVD box for Dead "Legacy"
  4. why people like land of the dead
  5. So what's this about a Day remake?
  6. Looking for the best DVD or Soundtrack?
  7. Day of the Dead remake poster...
  8. Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue:
  9. Interesting question - Keith Wayne is on commentary tracks after he died?
  10. Silent Hill, the movie!
  11. Resident Evil
  12. evil dead 2: dead by dawn
  13. Nice move neil!!
  14. Why people hate LOTD
  15. Brokeback of the Dead
  16. dont know if this was already asked yet.........
  17. looking for copy of original day script
  18. Found a scan of the original "return of the living dead" book's cover
  19. No Dawn of the Dead Sequel??
  20. ken foreee on dukes of hazard
  21. One thing that just occured to me...
  22. I still havent seen it
  23. X-Play zombie episode
  24. Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition
  25. Zombie short films from UK/Ireland
  26. Just curious... Why don't we have a comprehensive ZOMBIE film list?
  27. Chances of there being a sequel (or another dead film)?
  28. Land of the Dead: A belated review and comments. (minor SPOILERS)
  29. Dawn of the Dead figure #1 Flyboy
  30. Terry Alexander in TV commercial?
  31. Boy Eats Girl
  32. Tombs of the Blind Dead
  33. Made this for a friend of mine.
  34. Kaufmanns money
  35. NotLD in 30 seconds... with bunnies
  36. First time back
  37. Suggestion for Sticky
  38. Anyone know what happened to georgearomero.com
  39. Well, thanks to DeadJonas190, I watched the Day of the Dead again......
  40. Savini is joining the Grind!
  41. day of the dead soundtrack mp3s?
  42. Worst ... movie ever?
  43. I've been gone for a while... & Contagium
  44. Hey Guys!!! has anyone
  45. Living Dead TV Series: Your First Episode?
  46. Question about "Day of the Dead" ending
  47. Night of the Living Dead 3D website - Cool 3d Pics
  48. Holy Shiite!!!......
  49. OK...what were they really thinking?
  50. Day of the Dead Question...
  51. Monster Island
  52. Finally scored the Flyboy figure from NECA today
  53. I didn't think it was possible...
  54. Any of you guys/gals seen this?
  55. Couple of Day questions...
  56. ok...we were bored
  57. Zombie Honeymoon.....hmmmm
  58. Shadow: Dead Riot
  59. A Sequel Your Way
  60. I found a flick worse than Contagium!!!
  61. The young, the infirm, the old, etc....
  62. Coming soon! (to the UK)
  63. running zombie chaos!?
  64. ER made a Dawn reference!
  65. Just a lil FYI...
  66. The same or what?
  67. House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim DVD
  68. Tobe Hooper's Mortuary (2005)
  69. found this on the NY Times website
  70. Howdy!
  71. Does anyone remember where this was or who said it?
  72. Romero Remake?
  73. Poll: Which zombies do you prefer and why
  74. UK : Daily Mirror - Page 19 ... anyone?
  75. Help me figure out this movie title???
  76. Day of the Dead : Special Edition 2 Disc DVD released today (27th Mar)
  77. Your in it...Yeah another one...
  78. Ever seen this one put up anywhere?
  79. Official News: Day of the Dead to be remade
  80. Opinion of ZOMBIE (Lucio Fulci's film)
  81. Women and Children first!!!
  82. Day of the Dead 2 Contagium-
  83. Lori Cardille fanmail address?
  84. Rank Romero's 4 zombie flicks starting with your favourite, also Soundtrack question.
  85. Dead On: The Life and Cinema of George A. Romero [merged]
  86. "Creepshow" (1982)
  87. The Return of the Living Dead
  88. Need help finding a zombie movie
  89. "Geezers" - animated (watch for bub, dr. tongue, flyboy)
  90. I think I'm gonna put on the original NOTLD....
  91. For anyone near Long Island......
  92. New York Times
  93. Help with euro poster scan!!
  94. autumn
  95. zombies and school
  96. Battle of the Living Dead
  97. My Boyfriend's Back...
  98. Road Of The Dead?
  99. Whats your fav scene in Shaun of the Dead?
  100. 28 Weeks Later (follow the link)
  101. spaced
  102. Hey Trioxin245, changed my avatar, check it out
  103. My new Day of the Dead website
  104. Holy sh**! Land sequal is green lit!!!!
  105. XM George Romero interview from yesterday (DOWNLOAD)
  106. lol.
  107. Eew!
  108. All-time favourite Zombie?
  109. Tobe Hooper's Zombies
  110. Kissed
  111. New Film by Rob Zombie Coming
  112. day of the dead
  113. are there too many zombie flicks out there now?
  114. i'm having a brain fart
  115. Noltd 1990!
  116. FIDO - a New Mans best friend Zombie Movie
  117. George A. Romero's "Land of the Dead" 20 years from now...
  118. "Robot Chicken" theme
  119. A Hard Days Night of the Living Dead
  120. dawnofthedeadonline.com - needs your help
  121. Hell Of The Living Dead....
  122. Night Of The Zombies music video
  123. Undead
  124. City of the Living Dead
  125. What are the best non-romero zombie films?
  126. Coolest "dead" related item that you own
  127. Your favourite line/moment from any of GAR's zombie quadrilogy?
  128. GAR zombie 'quadrilogy' quiz!!!
  129. what bugs you about the GAR quadrilogy?
  130. Pittsburgh and Fiddler's Green
  131. Demons!
  132. Cholo's Jacket ...
  133. Nights zombies
  134. Would the web still be up if there was no people around?
  135. I found Flyboy!
  136. life span?
  137. A Question of Remakes
  138. How many people on this world really want it to happen?
  139. Post everything you own thats dead related
  140. Just saw the movie. what I think. (spoilers)
  141. You are not gonna believe this!!
  142. What was your fav Land zombie?
  143. Details about Zombies, fka Tobe Hoopers Zombies
  144. the walking dead
  145. Daemonia - Dario Argento Tribute DVD+CD
  146. quality bird, like!
  147. DVD packaging for US releases
  148. Night 68 scores "Movie of the Week"..
  149. New Look and New Tony Todd Interview
  150. Nike Manor
  151. Night Of The Living Dead Question
  152. IF Rhodes had survived
  153. Day of the Dead video game
  154. Miguel Ferrer and Tales from the Crypt
  155. Cool Ebay find!
  156. New Dawn Figure first Picture
  157. Intro
  158. Saddest moment in a Dead movie
  159. Lungworm V Dotd2k4 Trailer Audio - Mp3 : File Size 3.5mb
  160. I just saw it, well really a month ago..
  161. anybody watch "Xombie" online?
  162. NOTLD90 "Stunt Car" on eBay
  163. Duane Jones Interview?
  164. Dawn of the Dead European Version
  165. Day of the Dead Remake ending idea
  166. gore in the directors cut
  167. seeing GAR films on the big screen
  168. "Scene of the crime..."
  169. vandalism in Evans City
  170. Idea for a GAR dead films anniversary
  171. Black Gas
  172. Does Constantine count as a dead film?
  173. IMDB Top 250 - Dawn of the Dead
  174. The Blade films (Hey, vampires are living dead)
  175. I am just curious... (The Walking Dead)
  176. Living with a dead body (for real)
  177. return of the living dead - necropoplis
  178. Zombie Situation
  179. "Day of the Dead 2" Where did that come from?
  180. Dance Of The Dead
  181. Marvel Zombies
  182. Noticed a new flub in Day....
  183. McDermott is alive & well
  184. A Question relating to the flight path in Dawn
  185. Zombie Marches
  186. Any good zombie artists out there?
  187. day of the dead underground bunker
  188. Deathbringer
  189. ZOMBIE march from Boston
  190. Home survival
  191. monroeville mall
  192. question
  193. notld: the series?
  194. www.deadpit.com presents May of the Dead
  195. heh, check this out, pretty good so far
  196. a cool find
  197. Dawn - the Euro cut...
  198. how the hell do you come up with an idea like this?
  199. Favourite gore scene in Land...
  200. where would you go?
  201. Now this is something!
  202. Aliens made Zombies Walk!!! True Story!!
  203. Anyone seen NOTLD 3D?
  204. I Have A Question
  205. What is your favorite part and least favorite part in Land of the dead
  206. My Dr. Tongue Tattoo
  207. Anyone see Silent Hill? (small spoiler)
  208. Finally, A zombie TV series!!!!!!
  209. DOTD:Redux
  210. Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis
  211. zombie squad
  212. Can you imagine what GAR's films would have been like with more budget
  213. Where is the most likely filming location for a sequal
  214. The End of the World as we know it has come
  215. night of the living dead 3D (2006)
  216. land of the dead? greatest film ever?
  217. Let's sort this once and for all...
  218. Return of the Living Dead 5
  219. The House of the Dead
  220. Watching DAY of the DEAD (original DVD release)
  221. Ebert on Land of the Dead + My Thoughts on his Thoughts
  222. dario argento's version of dawn
  223. Dawn of the Dead & Flyboy Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade style
  224. land viewing with friend
  225. Race and Class in Romero's Films
  226. Anyone else get to see DAWN remake in a mall?
  227. Dawn (Original)
  228. Lee Karr & Chris Stavrakis interview Lanny Powers...
  229. George Romero
  230. Pot Plants and Day Timeline
  231. Some customizable Zombie shirts...
  232. george A romero's dead films are not realistic?
  233. Monroeville Aerial Photograph
  234. Where does Land of the Dead belong?
  235. Return of the Living Dead
  236. dawn 04/dawn 78 differences
  237. Another Remake! This time: ROTLD....
  238. Music to Kill zombies by... (Your pick...)
  239. Dawn78 -- "The Emperor's Reward"
  240. a question for the british fans
  241. I have a question about Dr. Logan.
  242. I never heard of this release. (NOTLD Survivor's Cut)
  243. The Original DAWN had running Zombies
  244. Return of the Living Dead 4 and 5: are they really that bad???
  245. Where does Land of the Dead belong? - Part II
  246. your dream weapon
  247. Night of the Living Dead 3-D
  248. "Night of the Living Dorks"???
  249. night of the living dead by the misfits
  250. What zombie would you be ?