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  24. Tarman replica from the film Screamer on Ebay
  25. Does anybody have any Nausicaa Manga?
  26. The Dead Walk!! Newspaper
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  28. The Incredibly Strange Film Show
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  31. Lot of 87 DVD's from my collection on eBay
  32. Signed DAWN of the DEAD Ultimate DVD set -Ken Foree
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  34. Please help....
  35. Pit and the Pendulum
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  40. If I send a card to ROMERO...
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  53. looking for old Heavy Metal magazine
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  56. The GodFather for 360
  57. Used PC... nice editing rig For Sale Cheap
  58. Capt. Rhodes
  59. happy gilmore on dvd
  60. Millennium Edition's liner notes by King
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  63. So i spoke to good ol Lenny Lies earlier...
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  65. Anyone from Poland or nearby?
  66. George Romero Image
  67. The Dead Walk! Newspaper prop wanted...
  68. Books of the Dead & other books - cheapish on eBay (ends 9/1/2007)
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  82. My Full Horror Memorabilia Collection.
  83. ** Collection Sale! (Dawn '04 Prop, From Hell, Etc.) **
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  86. Bub Action Figure
  87. hare krishna zombie action figure
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  89. WANTED: Zombie that Ate Pittsburgh
  90. Wanna blow $3500?
  91. FS: Fangoria collection / Cinemagic
  92. Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards
  93. anybody ever seen this
  94. looking for Dawn on VHS (Canada or UK versions)
  95. What does Original DOTD Script look like?
  96. New Rolling Roadshow Dawn of the Dead poster
  97. Are you a fan of Roger from Dawn of the Dead? Got $3,000?
  98. Oh No...
  99. My concept for a DAWN shirt
  100. Cannibal Holocaust Pre cert wanted
  101. Favour request
  102. Blu-Ray Disc
  103. Shaun of the Dead Zombie Survival guide on EBAY
  104. Dawn of the dead Uk film Quad
  105. Texas chiansaw Game WANTED
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  108. RARE Night of the Living Dead UK QUAD Signed
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  110. Star Trek Collection
  111. Looking for "Dream of the Dead"
  112. Beast in heat vhs
  113. Does anyone know where I can find a copy....
  114. My NOTLD signed dvd
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  116. Most expensive DVD or Vhs you own.
  117. Check this out Doc!
  118. Take a look at this signed Dawn script
  119. Prosthetic Kits & Horror masks/props
  120. Orig. Dawn Director cut VHS multi colored
  121. Dawn of the dead 3 Disc
  122. Zombie Memorabilia Database
  123. Amok Time NOTLD Barbra 12' Inch Figure Artwork Released
  124. New year New props for 2009 showcase
  125. Quality Antivirus/Antispyware Program! Cheap!
  126. WTT: Ultimate Edition Dawn of the Dead for Ultimate D&D box set
  127. WTB: Hawthorne Village Dawn Of The Dead
  128. Any idea what this is worth?
  129. New Tarman figure on the way
  130. new Bub 12 inch figure
  131. FA: John Carpenter Costumes
  132. New Official NIGHT site
  133. 2 Dawn Of The Dead 8' Inch Castaway Figures
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  138. Crawling Zombie!!!!!!!!!
  139. Subject 16566: The Butcher
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  141. WTS: DOTD '78 UK Quad and US Theatrical
  142. The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh on Ebay
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  144. Dr. Tongue action figure review
  146. Vintage DOTD shirt
  147. Dawn NIKE's on eBay???!!!
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  149. Dawn of the Dead German Poster
  150. G.A.R. + 3 Signed Diary of the Dead Poster
  151. Joe Dante Signed Homecoming Cover Box with DVD...
  152. FS: Exorcist Linwood Dunn Estate Sale Item
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  157. AUTOPSY Of The DEAD Black Friday Sale
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  159. Original Creepshow poster on eBay 27x41
  160. Dawn Of The Dead UK Quad rolled 1980
  161. NOTLD 1990 Soundtrack
  162. Advertising NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD exhibit book
  163. Night of the Living Dead limited shirt
  164. NOTLD Ben / Amok collectors figure - new images
  165. Please help needed which release of Night of the living dead should i buy?
  166. hope someone here can help.
  167. AUTOPSY of the DEAD now available at...
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  171. anyone want a cheap NOTLD novelization
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  174. Question about The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh
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  178. New Images
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  180. Cool Dawn Poster Reprint (Bassman, l@@k)
  181. Dawn of the Dead Board Game
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  185. DAWN and RETURN unusual trade ads going
  186. 3-day signed photo sale
  187. The Lawgiver Bleeds
  188. Dawn Dwarf models
  189. arkMy sister is the Coolest
  190. Selling one of the DVX100B's used to shoot Deadlands 1 & 2
  191. LIVING / DEAD vintage ad paper lot -2 dozen clips
  192. Extremely rare German 1979 "Dawn" promo slide on eBay
  193. Dawn of the Dead novelty ID badges on eBay
  194. NIGHT / LIVING DEAD NY herald on ebay - 3 day
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  196. "Dawn" collection appraisal?
  197. Selling "dead" movies collection
  198. KEITH WAYNE signed bw plus -
  199. Zombie Liquorice shirt for sale (or possibly trade)
  200. coupla Karl Hardman items auctioning
  202. Dawn of the Dead figures
  203. What DOTD78 props are still about?
  204. Signed NECA Flyboy Figure
  205. Shaun of the dead figures wanted can anyone help?
  206. Original Horror Poster for Sale
  207. Looking for these DVDs
  208. Day of the Dead Video Release Poster
  209. Oringinal Night of the Living Dead Poster in the house...
  210. Land of the Dead - Film Crew pack
  211. Original Zombie Flesh Eaters aka ZOMBI2 cinema poster for sale
  212. ZOMBIE FIGURES for sale from Dawn , Day and Land of the dead
  213. "R. Burr" in "George A. Kramer's"...
  214. Dawn of the Dead (1978, SPI) Mint Unopened Copies
  215. Dawn of the Dead cheque up for grabs...
  216. Dawn Of The Dead Action Figures- Set of 4- Red's Cult Cinema- Buy It Now on Ebay
  217. Gary Streiner selling parts of NOTLD chapel to raise funds
  218. I just bought one (WGON TV t-shirt)
  219. E-bay auctions to benefit the NOTLD Chapel- many great collectibles are up!
  220. A few signatures
  221. Rare Dawn/Day Japanese/French Memoribillia
  222. Rare Day of the Dead soundtrack for sale (Limited to 3000)
  223. Looking for signed NOTLD cards as well as a Romero signed mini poster
  224. Japanese Laserdiscs
  225. Dawn of The Dead board game 1978 SPI
  226. http://seitanofthelivingdead.wordpress.com/
  227. Night of the Living Dead Lamp MORBID DECOR
  228. Wanted * dawn of the dead soundtrack cassette tapes, top prices paid
  229. Original Bub Salute T-Shirt
  230. The lizard of the son of George Romero
  231. Goblin/Dawn of the Dead Soundtrack cassette tapes - Any photos???
  232. Autographed Dawn of the Dead Flyboy zombie model
  233. 35th anniversary dawn cards signed !
  234. Wanted: A copy of the Knightriders Script
  235. Dawn Of The Dead for sale in Japan (900-ish)
  236. Land Of The Dead props and costumes for sale in Torronto (Oct 19th)
  237. looking to trade/buy signed Night of the living dead cards
  238. HELP! Wondering about selling price for Autographed Dawn of the Dead poster
  239. Night of the Living Dead : Original Book Cover Artwork Painting for Sale
  240. Dawn Of The Dead 35mm print
  241. Zombicide - Why is this worth over $800?
  242. Fangoria Magazine 1-125 NM. Tons of Extras.
  243. My Autographed Evil Dead II Saw
  244. 3 x Japanese VHD Discs (NOTLD/Omen/Cat People)
  245. Autographed day of the dead script
  246. Day of the Dead video release poster
  247. Night of The Living Dead original poster from 1968 - interested?
  248. Dawn of the Dead jigsaw (only 50 prints)
  249. Odd "Night of the Living Dead" Lobby Card - Info Please
  250. Walking Dead books 1-10