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  1. Fiction/Gallery section questions
  2. So who's gonna post the first story here?
  3. How hard will it be?
  4. How historically accurate should a story be?
  5. Predictability (more for the readers than writers)
  6. Another review : Yay for me!
  7. Fictional design of a zombie strength hold
  8. To neil
  9. A story I'm hoping to send in to the fiction section soon
  10. Hollowville Rescue Site Up
  11. HPotD now accepting "General Horror" and "Scifi" contributions...
  12. Empty (A poem/song about zombies and vampires)
  13. Hollowville Rescue Site up
  14. I'm gonna try my hand at an eNovel
  15. Are all of the old authors here?
  16. Zombie serial: They Shall Inherit
  17. Zombie serial: They Shall Inherit - Comments thread
  18. Script for Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis
  19. Creative juices are going again
  20. Subscribed Members...
  21. story Ideal
  22. Return of the Living Dead 6: Regeneration
  23. Just a comment about new contributions waiting to be posted...
  24. "Monster Island" by David Wellington
  25. Reminder: Open submissions for THE UNDEAD 2
  26. Armor in Zombie Outbreaks
  27. undead 2
  28. Zombie novel "Down the Road (Special Edition)" up for pre-order!
  29. I'm looking for a place to submit poems/non-LD fiction
  30. New story
  31. Anyone ever made some fiction sketches .. ?
  32. Sneak peek at the UNDEAD 2 cover art!
  33. an idea
  34. Harry Potter/Resident Evil Fanfic
  35. zombie coursework
  36. Dead Talk Radio
  37. Permuted Tales wants your zombie (and other) stories!
  38. got an idea for a story
  39. Scifi contributions?
  40. Slow days, eh?
  41. Idea Thread - For Everyone!
  42. a short poem I wrote....
  43. Organizing your zombie fiction novel (Mac software)
  44. Zombie killing super hero
  45. FOr those that care....
  46. THE INFECTED by...uhhh ,me!
  47. Two portions of my next story...
  48. Das Totenreich: Fiction Found on the Net
  49. Idea for a story that I am writing, Inc prequal and 1st chapter
  50. Finally working on part III of Days of the Dead
  51. Lights out - free ebook download
  52. TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD: SPECIAL EDITION available for pre-order!
  53. Monster Nation - sequel to Monster Island
  54. My idea: Stolen!!
  55. what will make my story good?
  56. Awesome news
  57. Trash men can kill zombies too
  58. "There Anybody Out There" mp3 podcast
  59. Harmony
  60. Looking to submit
  61. Empire - an undead serial thriller
  62. Need help remembering a title in the fiction section
  63. How much time do you devote
  64. Discussed weapons before, but....
  65. Hey Undead Anthology!
  66. Advice?
  67. Halloween Contributions...
  68. David Sedaris the Dead-Head
  69. What the Hell, people?!
  70. SURPRISE! The Undead 2 AND The Undead 3!
  71. The greatest comment ever!!!
  72. New Idea
  73. just a thought
  74. Newbie writing advice
  75. Any new stories worth a damn?
  76. World War Z
  77. Anthologies (Book of the Dead, Still Dead, etc)
  78. Man's Best Friend
  79. My last living dead story.
  80. Looking to collaborate
  81. "Plague of the Dead" by Z.A. Recht officially available!
  82. Storm of the Dead
  83. "Down the Road: On the Last Day" available for pre-order
  84. Storm of the Dead #2
  85. I was thinking of an idea for a zombie movie...
  86. My Story
  87. So, this place is deader than a nun's sex life.
  88. How many drafts?
  89. Very informal call for submissions (zombie novellas)
  90. How do you write about something you don't know?
  91. "Blood Donors Wanted"
  92. Storm of the Dead #3
  93. Some help please
  94. Submission call for "History is Dead" zombie anthology
  95. Some writing we did just Now
  96. Bull****!!!!!!!
  97. Down The road: On The Last Day - available in the UK?
  98. DEATHBREED: A Zombie Novel by Todd Tjersland
  99. Sample from my new book
  100. Another Sample, different book, horror this time
  101. Pre-order DYING TO LIVE by Kim Paffenroth now!
  102. Interview at Zombie A Go-Go w/Bowie Ibarra...
  103. Deathbreed: A Review POSSIBLE SPOILERS
  104. Paging Raptorman
  105. Scripts
  106. Looking for input for my sci-fi story
  107. Free preview of THE UNDEAD: SKIN AND BONES!
  108. I feel spoiled by the Down the road series
  109. Of Corpse, A Zombie Guide!
  110. Pre-order the zombie/vampire novel "Roses of Blood" now!
  111. Gunfight at the Circle K from Hell
  112. need some advice for a story
  113. Though I just got for a general horror.
  114. Advice needed on zombie story I am writing!
  115. Good news
  116. DYING TO LIVE 2 sneak peek!
  117. Pre-order THE UNDEAD: SKIN AND BONES zombie anthology now!
  118. Pre-order THE UNDEAD: FLESH FEAST zombie anthology now!
  119. Invicibilis Ieiunitas 2: Tyrannos Machina
  120. tomes of the dead
  121. death hulk
  122. Free zombie audio books/stories
  123. words of their roaring
  124. Permuted Press presents THE HOLE (free serial novel)
  125. New writers' group forming: THE PIT
  126. Mike-treatment-ver 1.0
  127. DeadFall at 10
  128. The best of the worst.
  129. Remember when....
  130. New (large) contributions held as zipped RTF instead of zipped Word Docs...
  131. Unrealized Dawn Comic
  132. Deadrise
  133. Resident Evil Outbreak (W.I.P.)
  134. www.ZombieHomicide.com
  135. My new collection of horror fiction
  136. Quite a large fiction update...
  137. Wanna read some new Brian Keene?
  138. An interesting intro for a story I thought.
  139. Book of the Dead
  140. Pre-order HISTORY IS DEAD (zombie anthology) edited by Dr. Kim Paffenroth!
  141. THE UNDEAD: FLESH FEAST zombie anthology now available!
  142. Zombie Homicide (update)
  143. Zombie Poem
  144. EVERY SIGH, THE END: A Schizophrenic Zombie Novel (out now!)
  145. Religion and Zombie Story
  146. Recomended zombie fiction list.
  147. Happy Halloween... Read TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD for *free*!
  148. medival zombies
  149. Unappreciative readers
  150. New edition of DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON is now available!
  151. Every Sigh, The End
  152. zombie story
  153. Deadrise 2
  154. Other places to submit zombie fiction...
  155. Any good "general horror" or "science fiction" stories?
  156. If you had to recommend 2 or 3 contributions...
  157. Carnivores - Now in RTF format...
  158. new creative writing assignment, thought i'd share what i have right now
  159. Anyone else fancy getting the fiction forum back on track?
  160. w00t...
  161. The hand off.
  162. Zed for Kids
  163. So I had this idea...
  164. Traps and ambushes
  165. Who are your favorite horror writers?
  166. Fiction Challenge Sign-up! FINALLY (I hear you cry!)
  167. I need help from Tennesseans
  168. Format Thought
  169. Want some awesome free Permuted Press bookmarks?!
  170. THE UNDEAD: HEADSHOT QUARTET now available for pre-order!
  171. Zombie homicide - Update!
  172. Fiction Challenge Contest Story
  173. Eve of the Dead by Nathan Tucker
  174. so, How do you retain focus on your writings?
  175. This is to all the writers
  176. Just read Encounter 1, 2 and 3 again...
  177. Poetry makes my head hurt.
  178. A 'little bite'...
  179. So what happened?
  180. Pre-order THUNDER AND ASHES (aka 'Plague of the Dead 2') by Z.A. Recht now!
  181. Deadrise 3
  182. City Of The Dead by Brian Keene **SPOILERS**
  183. Inspiration
  184. A script idea...feed back needed
  185. A fiction epiphany...
  186. THUNDER AND ASHES (aka 'Plague of the Dead 2') by Z.A. Recht is out now!
  187. Best Living Dead Novels?
  188. Day Of The Dead script (Revised) - To clarify
  189. Living Dead RPG forum
  190. a case of the mondays
  191. Finished my novel, so why so sad?
  192. Permuted Press now accepting novel submissions
  193. two screenplay ideas...
  194. Fiction update tonight...
  195. Prolouge to my novel.
  196. Stories set outside of the US
  197. EDEN by Tony Monchinski now available for pre-order
  198. Pre-order DROP DEAD GORGEOUS by Wayne Simmons now!
  199. Anyone else research their fiction?
  200. zombie short stories
  201. Fiction update...
  202. Bits of the Dead
  203. Monsters: a podcast
  204. THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES - A Free Serial Novel by James Melzer
  205. Hellpage of the Dead---> a silly idea that I wish to turn to fruition.
  206. New zombie novel EDEN by Tony Monchinski now available!
  207. To celebrate Halloween - Everyone's a member weekend...
  208. Thinking about RPGs
  209. DYING TO LIVE: LIFE SENTENCE by Kim Paffenroth now available!
  210. Walmart of the dead 5? WTF?!?
  211. TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD 2 by Travis Adkins now available!
  212. Deadline - Original fiction
  213. Posting stories on other websites
  214. The Rage Plague is now available!
  215. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS by PERMUTED's Irish author, Wayne Simmons
  216. Dead Reckoning:Dawning of the Dead by Anthony Giangregorio is now available on Amazon
  217. Battle of Yonkers
  218. Reign of the dead
  219. Living Dead Press is now accepting submissions for zombie stories
  220. Looking for good fiction here...
  221. 2 new zombie "cover stories" are done
  222. Living Dead Press still needs a few more zombie stories!!!
  223. Start of the Yonkers story
  224. Dead Valley, book 7 of the Deadwater series by A. Giangregorio
  225. Dead Worlds submissions have ended.
  226. new zombie fiction Dead Worlds book cover
  227. New zombie fiction by A. Giangregorio
  228. Read TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD online for *free*!
  229. Anyone into apocalyptic zombie novels?
  230. I'm pleased to announce "Alomal-137 Epidemiology Case Study" is back...
  231. A new HPOTD fiction challenge
  232. Wanted to say hello
  233. DEAD MEAT - A Free Serial Novel Sponsored by Permuted Press!
  234. New review for Dead Reckoning: Dawning of the Dead
  235. Zombie choose-your-own-adventure
  236. THE ESTUARY by Derek Gunn is now available!
  237. Zombie Web Novel
  238. Yonkers opening shot
  239. SEASON OF ROT by Eric S. Brown is now available!
  240. New zombie antho that is fathful to Romero universe: Book of the Dead
  241. Fiction update later today...
  242. DOTD novel
  243. Fangoria reviews Dead Reckoning by A. Giangregorio
  244. Having trouble!
  245. Zombie fiction for anthology - paid.
  246. Pre-order the new edition of DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON!
  247. American southwest 1880's
  248. New Short Story (non-zombie)
  249. Kim Paffenroth's THE WORLD IS DEAD now available!
  250. zombie short