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How to Report Posts

The Report post tool immediately brings any post or topic to the attention of our staff, this tool is not to be misused and only to report posts which you believe infringe our code of conduct, reporting posts for any other reason may result in a warning for the reportee.

To report a post, click the button which appears on that post, this takes you to a new screen where you must tick an agreement which further details the rules regarding reporting a post, you may also type a reason or note as to why you are reporting the post.

Our staff act on reported posts as soon as possible, we aim to respond to every report within 2 hours of it being made, obviously this can change depending on our staff's availablity.

Obvious action may not always be taken, if our staff do not beleive any action is necessary then they will not act, please do not report a post more than once, repeatedly reporting the same post will result in a warning to the reportee.

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