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How do I hide spoilers, or post YouTube videos?


When you wish to hide some text in your post which might spoil something for another reader, simply surround your text with a SPOILER tag. For example:-
[SPOILER]They all die at the end![/SPOILER]

YouTube Videos

To include a youtube video in your post, simply make a note of the unique video reference from Youtube's url (eg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZOj9144iP0) and use it within a YOUTUBE tag. For example:-

To display it in a bigger format (eg: for higher definition videos) use the YOUTUBEHD tag. eg:-

Can I post HTML code?

In order to protect this community from harm, we do not allow HTML code to be posted anywere on the forums, chat, shoutbox or arcade. This is for security and safety so please do no request us to turn HTML code on as this will be flatly denied.

This does not however mean that you cannot request new BB tags, we welcome such requests and will always look into any suggestions offered.

BB (Bulletin Board) Code tags are used to format your text and add other features to your posts and signiture, in place of HTML code. BB tags are pre-approved by the administrator and are completely safe to use. For a full list of BB tags you may use, click here.

Titles, ranks and Groups Explained.


Your title is the line of text that appears underneath your name. you cannot change it as a normal member but it changes as your postcount increases.
The Title Ladder and Posts required for each are:

0 - Fresh Meat
40 - Being Attacked
100 - Just been bitten
250 - Dying
500 - Dead
800 - Twitching
1200 - Rising
1700 - Walking Dead
2500 - Chasing Prey
3500 - Feeding
5000 - Zombie Flesh Eater


Every member of this community belongs to a usergroup, it can be a sign of that members position, authority or just recognition of how long they have been here or have served the forums or site in some way.

Usergroups are split into 2 sets, Member and Staff Groups.

Member Groups

Banned Member - A Banned Member is someone who no longer has access to the community at all, this is a member who has violated our rules and been excluded from the forums by a staff member.
Member - Every Member who joins is a member, this title grants you full access to all the public forums, arcade, chat and other common features.
Zombie Flesh Eater - A ZFE member is someone who has posted more than 5000 messages, they have all the same rights as a normal member plus several priveleges.
ViP Member - A ViP Member is a member who has previously served as a staff member and left active service, ViP's have no more power than a regular member and should not approached for forum help as a staff member.

Staff Groups

Moderator - A Moderator is responsible for a particular area of the community, IE a single forum, a group of forums or the chat room. If you have a issue with this particular area, the moderator should be the first person you approach.
Super Moderator - A Super Moderator is responsible for the entire community, forums, arcade, shoutbox and chatroom. They enforce the rules, settle disputes and are usually a members first port of call for help with the forums.
Administrator - The Administrators are the community managment, they make all decisions on planning and running the community aswell as solving any technical issues or other problems which a member may feel a Super Moderator cannot solve.

A Complete list of our current staff is available Here.


Your rank as a member is indicated by stars displayed on your profile and by each of your posts, as your rank increases you gain more stars until you reach the maximun of 6 stars. all advanced member groups and staff groups have 6 stars regardless of postcount, their rank is indicated by colour.

There are 4 Different Types of Stars:

- Silver Stars are member ranks, these are given to all members when you first join and increase with your postcount. The increments are:

1 Star - 0 Posts
2 Stars - 100 Posts
3 Stars - 600 Posts
4 Stars - 1200 Posts
5 Stars - 2400 Posts
6 Stars - 3600 Posts

- Gold Stars represent a Active staff member.

- Blue Stars represent a VIP member.

- Red Stars represent a ZFE (Zombie Flesh Eater) member.

Ive Just registered a new account but cant post, Whats Wrong?

The most common reason is that you have not yet activated your account, when you register the forums will send a email containing an activation link which you must follow before you can use your account. Please check your spam/junk filters as they can sometimes catch this email by accident. If you have not received this email, go to your user control panel and check that you have entered the correct email address, if you do need to change your address here the forums will mail another confirmation to you. If your email is correct and you have still not received your confirmation, You can use this link to have the activation email resent to you.

Can i change my username?

Our policy at the moment is not to allow members to change their usernames, We do allow minor changes such as altering spelling but the new username must be recognisable to other members. For Example, we would allow Example123 to change his username to Example. If you do require a complete change of identity, we will allow you to register a new account and we will close your old one, you must however notify a administrator you are doing this before you do so By registering a new account you will lose all postcount and privileges credited to your old account, we will not transfer these to your new account. To either correct your name or start a new account, please contact a administrator.

The Chatroom

The HpotD Chatroom is part of the forums and does not require seperate registration, you can access it once you have activated your account from the link in the navigation bar at the top of any page.

The Chatroom is however a seperate program to the main forums and the BB code and the emoticons listed on the forums do not work in the chat room, there is a seperate list of emoticons and code which is featured in chat available once in a room.

HpotD Will occassionally host chat sessions, during which time you may be "gagged" or limited in how you speak in the main room, and a second chat room will be available for you to talk in. These sessions will be advertised on the forums and site in advance.

All the same members of staff who control the forums also control the chatrooms and should be contacted through the forums if assisstance is required.

The Shoutbox

The shoutbox appears on the main forum page and is a more relaxed posting area than the forums, messages posted here are not required to follow a linear topic as they are on the forums, but most rules still apply.

For example, we do not allow advertising, flaming, discrimination or other malicious use of the shoutbox and members may be warned for abusing it as such.

You should also note that unlike the forums, once you have posted a message in the shoutbox it becomes permanent, you cannot edit or remove it.

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