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Thread: remake idea

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    I Would remake land and make it 100 times better.

    In my version, fiddlers green would be a fortress surrounded by high concrete walls on 3 sides with the river on the fourth, with no gates or entrances. Millitary units move in and out of the green by either boat and helicopter only (there is no deadreckoning) and its impossible for citizens to leave the green without the armies authorisation. Dennis hopper's character would be a dictator, ruling over the place with a iron fist with swift and brutal punishment for all crime and anything else his regime deems inappropriate. The people put up with it becuase its safer than the wilderness but theres growing rebel movements, one lead by riley and one lead by cholo. Both these groups want hopper out but they disagree on how the green should be run afterwards, resulting in a 3 way war. After weeks of guerilla warfare on the streets between the 3 factions, its becoming obvious that rileys rebel movement has greater support, with even his own men becoming disheartened asnd abandoning him, cholo is becoming more and more desperate to cling to what power he has, he devises a plan that involves leaving the green to utilise the abandoned resources outside which until now have only been available to hoppers army. Cholo and his remaining men attempt to break through hoppers millitary line to the docks on the river, to steal a boat and head outside, but the millitary resistance is stronger than he expected and his group is slaughtered, cholo himself is mortally wounded during the skirmish but escapes. Alone, Knowing that his plan has failed and he will soon die, he gathers up whats left of his groups stock of explosives and blasts the concrete wall surrounding the green, whether he still desperately beleives he can make it on foot or if its revenge on the people of the green is never revealed but zombies swarm thr green through the holes created by cholo, he is killed and both kaufmans millitary and the civilian population is butchered by the starving zombies, both hopper and rileys armies try to kerb the flow of zombies and rescue civilians but fail, almost the entire population of the green is slaughtered including hopper. Riley, seeing that the situation is lost, makes his way to the now abandoned docks with his inner circle of leuitenants, they get attacked by both remaining hopper millitary and zombies but make it, claim a boat and leave the destroyed green.

    That sounds alot better than the trash produced, whos on for making that with me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    I Would remake land...
    There you go blowing our budget without even finishing your first sentence!

    I seriously do wish an hpotd user group could collaborate on some projects. There's an interesting group of talents and personalities here.

    Well, fingers crossed on the collaborative fiction, in the meantime...

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    It sounds more action packed than Romero's Land certainly, but I'm also thinking that Land is far too recent a production to warrant a remake. If you were to replace the main characters names, it sounds like it could stand as a worthy zombie flick of its own accord.
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