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Well...what happened in Braddock?

I actually live about 3 miles from the Martin house. I visited it recently and took some photos. Some are on my blog http://somertonrecords.blogspot.com

When I last was at the house all but one window was boarded up and the house itself had been painted a horrible sage green. I can email pics in color if anyone is interested. (somertonrecords@gmail.com). I'm curious about what took place there because I also had a strange encounter with the neighbor. They came out on the front porch and just stared at me like the zombies in Messiah Of Evil. One guy had a mixing bowl and a large wooden spoon. They just stood there. It was really bizarre.
Sorry I left you hanging on the peculiar things that happened to me while I visited the house. If you still want me to tell you about it I'd be happy to. Also wasn't sure if you were still around.