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Thread: Dawn04 sequel 'Army of the Dead' info and death

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    I'll give you that... If I had to watch Dawn04 or Diary or Survival... I'd watch Dawn04...
    After that "Land of the Dead" fiasco, I didn't even bother with Diary, to be honest. I caught Survival on AMC (I believe) either last Halloween or the year before--when George showed the world that he had to be the WORST horror movie host of all time. Watching him studder through his reading off the teleprompter was almost as bad as watching Sarah Palin try to act smart. Anyways, I couldn't believe just how bad Survival was.

    Regardless, after that I decided to give Diary it's day in court when I saw it listed on IFC. I think I made it through about ten minutes before I switched over to a 35 year old "Happy Days" rerun on HUB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Jon View Post
    Correct or not, most casual horror fans and the majority of the planet all consider 28 days to be a zombie film or at least a derivative of the zombie genre.

    If people want to call rage virus victims zombies, honestly, who gives a shit. They aren't any more inaccurate than Romero was when he called his undead zombies.

    I don't recall seeing any Haitian priests in any of the Romero films.
    That's how I feel about it.

    When it first came out, I remember seeing an ad with a quote from a review that said something like, "Finally...a zombie movie that's scary!"

    That sold it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ Markham View Post
    After that "Land of the Dead" fiasco.
    I don't know. I really like that film. To me it feels more like a throwback to cheesy eighties post-apocalypse action films than a pure zombie film, but that's exactly why I like it more than anything undead related Romero did after. I like it more than Dawn04 which is an action film in its own right, just a boring one with annoying characters.


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