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Thread: Silent Dawn, Zombie Film in the making

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    Silent Dawn, Zombie Film in the making

    Silent Dawn, Zombie Film in the making

    Quick hi to all you Zombie/Horror/Just great movie fans out there...Just to let you know there is a+nother British entrant joining the field. Its early days yet, just started working on the script but the intention is to make it into the top 10 zombie movies of all time. If i cant do that then im not interested.

    This is going to be a crowd funded high quality indie production. So going to be hitting up kickstarter and Indiegogo down the road.

    Im going to be putting out a fairly big ask for an indie film $100k to $500k, talent and creativity can shave one zero off costs but it cant shave two zeros. Making a truly great Zombie film is nine tenths creative talent + making sure your not hamstrung by a budget that erodes production quality and scope....before i put that ask out im gonna need to make sure i have the paying fan base on my side...wood is for fences not acting, cheese is for burgers not scriptwriting....just so you know where im coming from.

    Just to let you know i have good taste here is some of my favorites, in no particular order )

    DawnOfTheDead [1978] dire special effects in places, bit OTT on the gore perhaps but wow did you get a feel for the characters A+

    Day Of The Dead (1985) From the opening scene to 'choke on them' it had so much good stuff you can over look the bad

    28 days later. While it had running zombies and basically ripped off a lot of stuff from day of the Triffids it had the good ole Alien style gritty realism.

    Resident Evil. Not exactly a zombie movie but it was an interesting spin and cinematic approach

    Dawn Of The Dead (2004) , not bad , not bad at all , i baulked a bit at the zombie baby but we all remember Andy and that overhead explosion

    Few pointers about the film. Its going to be part of a trilogy and perhaps 1 of a dozen strongly interlinked films.

    1) Into hard science fiction so high fantasy is out the door

    2) Walkers good, runners not so sure, but im investigating valid way to mix the two, Darwinian fitness landscape whatever

    3) After months of head scratching i think ive nailed how a zombie Apocalypse could actually happen and spread globally

    4) Also looking at creating a PC game to go with the film, this is going to involve getting an engine made specifically for the zombie genre to bring out the goodies players really want.

    5) Im really into making an 'Epic' series of movies which will cover all the valid bases. Having Watched 50 hours worth of Survivors (Utterly brilliant Brit TV series in the 1970s ) I know there is 20+ hours worth of mileage. I wanna do for zombies what lord of the rings did for fantasy and star wars tried to do for sci fi.

    The way i see it the genre is A) overloaded with poop, and B)there are also a fistful of decent zombie movies out there, that's enough to satisfy most fans....if no one made a zombie movie for 10 years that would prolly be a good thing...thats the nightmare reality im up against and thats why im going for the 'full monty' as in a complete series of films that span and encapsulate the whole thing. From 18months before the out break to decades or even generations after the outbreak. I aim to deliver that in a highly cohesive and highly plausible way.

    Its all about climbing mount probable and carving out a solid foothold each and every step of the way.

    Your thoughts and input on the above most welcome

    I know good from bad at 100 paces, but im seeking awesome and excellent.
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