Over 30 vendors selling contemporary new & used clothing & accessories, vintage clothing & accessories, jewellery, fashion samples, fabric, books, costume supplies, hand crafted goods, and much much more!

Costumes include:-
For Undead
Big Daddy, Number Nine, Tambourine Man, The Butcher, Dead Teenage Boy, Dead Teenage Girl, Dead cheerleader, Dead Priest, Zombie Bridge keeper

For humans
Kaufman, Riley, Charlie, Cholo, Foxy, Pretty Boy, Mouse, Slack, Fiddler's Green jumpsuits, Chihuahua, Mulligan, Knipp

Misc include:-
Kaufman's money bags, Anchor's gun belt, tambourines, cigar boxes, Pretty Boy's headset, Rocket heads, Riley's work orders, Fiddler's Green security passes, I.D. passes, Fiddler's Green rest. menu, plus more...