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Thread: New Zombie Anthology: Zombies Can't Swim And Other Tales Of The Undead

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    New Zombie Anthology: Zombies Can't Swim And Other Tales Of The Undead

    I'm pleased to announce that my zombie anthology, Zombies Can't Swim And Other Tales Of The Undead is now available as a Kindle ebook ( and in paperback from Amazon (

    It consists of 23 stories which explore a variety of zombie and post-apocalyptic related themes in tales ranging from ones short enough to fit in a Twitter posting, through flash fiction to full length short stories. They take their inspiration from subjects as disparate as the real life mystery of Flannan Isle through dilemmas you may face in a zombie apocalypse to why you shouldn’t try waiting up for Santa Claus (a nice little seasonal read given the time of year!).

    If you have come across my blog (, you will have seen all but one of these stories before, since they were originally posted here at various points over the last year (and have also been available as PDFs on my website - A couple of them (Last Flight Out and The Wall) have also appeared on the Homepage of the Dead Fiction section. However, to give a bit of added value, there's one brand new story, called The Black Heart Of The Sea, which will only ever appear in this anthology. I've also taken the opportunity to do a bit of editing where the stories needed it, and to add some author's notes to the end of most of the stories which provides information about where the story ideas came from. Finally, there's a nice wrap-around cover design which I created specifically for this anthology.

    The paperback costs $7.99, while the Kindle ebook costs just $0.99, and would make the perfect stocking-filler for the zombie-lover in your life who hasn't already come across these stories via my blog or the For Those In Peril website.

    The stories which have been included are:-
    * The Bookshop
    * I'm With The Band
    * Zombies Can't Swim
    * Last Flight Out
    * Waiting Up for Santa Claus: A Cautionary Tale
    * Nightwatch
    * The Watcher
    * Leaving
    * The Lighthouse At The End Of The Road
    * The Wall
    * The Girl At Little Harbour
    * A Plague On Both Your Houses
    * When Death Came To Flannan Isle
    * Family
    * Three Men In A Boat
    * The Emergency Room
    * Survival Skills
    * The Custom Of The Sea
    * Winter's End
    * When The Comet Came
    * The Labyrinth
    * Apocalypse Apartments Incorporated
    * The Black Heart Of The Sea

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++
    From the author of For Those In Peril On The Sea (
    Visit my blog:
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++

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    Haha Colin you come to this website? Never thought you'd be the kind of person that posted in other forums. But anyway, I'll surely get that book and read all of the great things you have there.

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    Nice stuff! Congrats!
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