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Thread: Rate the last movie you've seen

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    'Get Out'

    Entertaining black comedy masquerading as a horror film which, unfortunately, keeps itself back by engaging in a completely ridiculous story. But taken with an extremely large pinch of salt, it remains enjoyable if quite predictable. It's best watched not knowing anything other than the basic story - young inter-racial couple visit her well to do parents, but not is all quite as things seem. That's all you should be armed with before watching.

    While a decent horror-comedy (and I use "horror" very loosely), it's still somewhat astonishing that it currently holds a 99% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes? It really isn't that good.

    It probably makes for "better" viewing in a racially charged and hysterical country like the US. But, outside of that nation, it looks sort of twee.

    Well done, but certainly not half as smart as some people think it is and scuppered with a couple of dodgy characters here and there.



    An Edgar Wright(ish) comedy, without Edgar Wright, 'Mindhorn' is a comedy about a fictional, Isle of Man, super detective - complete with an ocular apparatus that allows him to "see the truth" - whose actor (Richard Thorncroft) is pulled out of his eternal unemployment to help the Manx Police Force track down a killer, who says he'll only deal with Mindhorn. This inevitably leads to a lot of chucklesome nonsense in what's probably one of the better British comedies in the last five years. The film draws on low budget British detective series from the 60's/70's/80's and cheap semi-sci fi like 'The Avengers'. Mindhorn himself is a cross between Jason King and Bergerac and is brilliantly played by one half of 'The Mighty Boosh' main duo, Julian Barratt. Support comes from Steve Coogan, Simon Farnaby and Essie Davis in serviceable roles.

    Good, cheap, fun that will have most people giggling, but probably not belly laughing.

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    The Fate of the Furious.

    Let me first make it clear that I am NOT a fan of The Fast & The Furious movies and the only reason I went to see it in theaters was because my mama and brother brought me along to see it (they are more fans of these movies than I am).

    I imagine this movie probably did well with it's fans but i didn't care much about it although I admit the female villain Cypher was pretty hot in a creepy girl kinda way. Also for characters who are supposed to be heroes they do cause a lot of traffic wrecks and I imagine in real life there would be innocent people getting injured or killed because of them.

    I give it a 4/10
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