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Thread: My Autographed Evil Dead II Saw

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    My Autographed Evil Dead II Saw

    Howdy guys! I have been getting back into doing props here and there with the work on my proton pack and now I have just completed this. The goal was to get it finished in time for Denver Comicon last weekend and to hopefully get it signed by Brucie. Well, I was successful thank the gods. But I did have to stand in line for a pretty friggin long time to get the autograph. The comicon itself was a ton of fun. So many great costumes. I've had a few homelites sitting in my closet for a few years so I decided it was time to buckle down and knock one out in time. I don't have many tool or a workshop so I did the best I could and did cheat a bit by getting a couple parts from Rob the guy who does the chainsaws for the Musical. Anyhow, it was a fun project. Here is a few pics of it. This is more the Evil Dead II version but I'd like to do an AOD version too at some point. Anyways, hope you guys like. And yes, slinging the blood was the funnest part! (other than meeting Bruce Campbell haha)

    After the autograph:
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