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Thread: LIVE OR LET DIE-Zombie Short Film (34minutes) free watch

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    LIVE OR LET DIE-Zombie Short Film (34minutes) free watch

    Hello Folks. My Name is Manuel U.and I'm an Independent filmmaker. Last year in 2013 I turned my very first short film titled "LIVE OR LET THE" here is my official description of my little film:

    This short film is a tribute to the zombie movies of the 70s, the video games and TV shows of the modern era and the music of the 80s.
    You will see many influence from Game,TV-Shows and other Movies

    Thatīs a pretty good description of Live of Let Die because you will see many of those influences and I think it was an all around high quality production for an first movie.

    And now have fun and enjoy the ride and feel free to share it.
    Best wishes Manuel

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    Nicely put together, and a strangely enjoyable sound track too!

    Not to sure on the dream within a dream etc ending(s), but a good fun watch
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