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Thread: Better Call Saul (Breaking Bad spin-off TV series)...

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    Love it but do we really need that talk show afterward to discuss BCS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandorg View Post
    Love it but do we really need that talk show afterward to discuss BCS?
    They only do it for the season premiere and finale episodes, not for every episode. BCS is not as popular as AMC's zombie shows, so it does not pay to make a talk show for it.

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    yeah, love how quickly things are moving along already in season 3. unlike a certain sacred amc show, they don't fuck around with a handful of unnecessary filler episodes to milk the hell out of the storyline and work in as many tie-in products and commercials, they just keep putting pieces in place to move the plot along.

    it's great to see old faces from breaking bad show up, whether it be a new receptionist for jimmy and kim, or one of fring's many business associates. really interested to see what becomes and jimmy and kim, how things end up between them, and how it affects the man who becomes saul.

    and, like mz, i think we need some resolution about gene from cinnabon and what the future has in store for him.

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    To be fair, BCS and TWD are based in different storytelling styles - their origins, too, are different, with TWD the show being birthed from TWD the comic.

    Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul both tend towards more deliberate pacing in a meticulous manner, with a more focused story on a handful of characters - whereas TWD is an increasingly broad cast of characters (too many at the moment, so hopefully a bunch of extraneous characters will get dispensed in the coming war) in a much broader story which leans towards epic action and spectacle. In Breaking Bad a mid-season cliffhanger can be someone sitting on a toilet reading a handwritten inscription inside a book that has particular meaning, while in TWD a mid-season cliffhanger can be a massive swarm of the undead invading Alexandria and chowing down on people ... so they're two very different stories and ways of pacing things.

    I do greatly appreciate the amount of time that the writers (Gilligan, Gould, & Co) put in to making sure their episodes have air tight logic (something which TWD needs to buck up its ideas on, to be honest). It's one of the things I most enjoy about BB and BCS - e.g. Mike trying to find a tracker in his car, and all the logical and meticulous steps he takes afterwards in episode 2 to get some new info.

    I love BB, BCS, and TWD. I'm glad to see that BCS Season 3 is now injecting some more propulsion into the story (something which was a bit lacking in Season 1, it must be said) after Season 2 gradually turned up the dial. TWD does need to regain control over itself - logic (plotting, story, and character decisions) needs a good boost, consistency in the writing (at times TWD Season 7 felt like some of the writers were in an entirely different room to the rest of the writers) could use some work to get everyone on the same page, and better pacing/structuring in general.

    Hmmm ... this post has kind of become a BB/BCS/TWD mini critique.


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