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Thread: Price of 1 Year Membership Fiction Section?

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    Price of 1 Year Membership Fiction Section?

    I was wondering why the subscription cost for the fiction section was so high? 18$ seems like quite a lot, especially per year. If there's a good reason for it, sure. Just thought I'd ask what that reason might be? Sorry if this comes off like I'm trying to tell you what to do with your site, I'm really NOT trying to do that. I'm just honestly curious as to the price and the reason(s) for it?

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    I recall the price being debated at the time of its instigation, and basically the figure of $1.50 a month (the price of a can of coke - roughly) being thought as fair.

    That money goes to basically covering the running costs of the site.

    ps: Don't forget the majority of contributions are free to access.
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