The Little Book of Zombie Mathematics by Colin M. Drysdale (Pictish Beast Publications)

Now Available from Amazon, and all good bookshops: US$6.99; GB£4.99.

The Little Book of Zombie Mathematics uses zombie-based scenarios to make maths more fun. This paperback edition provides twenty-five thought-provoking post-apocalyptic scenarios (all which were originally posted on the author's Maths With Zombies blog) which can be solved using everyday mathematics. It is aimed at both adults and older children, whether they are interested in maths, zombies or both. For each problem, multiple choice answers are provided for those who do not want to bother with the maths, and an explanation of how to work out the right answer is provided for those who are interested. Unique to this book (rather than the original blog posts), each problem has been given a MWZ (Maths with Zombies) score which can be added up by the reader to work out how well their maths skills will help them survive in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

About The Author: Colin M. Drysdale is a scientist, author, and zombie fan. Writing The Little Book of Zombie Mathematics allowed him to bring these disparate interests together in a single volume. He lives in Glasgow in Scotland where he runs a small business teaching biologists how to make maps.

From The Back Of The Book: Your machine gun can fire 57 bullets a minute. There are 200 zombies staggering towards you and they’ll reach you in three and a half minutes. Do you have the fire power to kill them all before they get to you?

Mathematics can be oh so dry and boring. All those numbers floating around; and then there are the letters: what on earth are they doing in there? Shouldn’t they be in the English classroom helping people read? But wait, did you know you can do maths with zombies? That sounds more exciting, doesn’t it? When maths becomes the key for surviving in a world where the dead hunt the living, it’s so much more fun. This is the premise behind The Little Book of Zombie Mathematics: make maths fun by adding the undead. After all, everything’s better with zombies.

And you never know, if a zombie apocalypse were ever to happen, knowing how to do maths with zombies might just save your life!

Oh and if you’re wondering what the answer is to the problem above, it’s no you don’t. You can find out why inside ...