If Kennedy is guilty of anything, it's this notion that you can hand over franchise properties like this to any old stick and hope things will turn out well. Although, I think Edward's did an excellent job - even if it isn't to everyone's taste, just like his 'Monsters' and 'Godzilla', which I liked too.

Lord and Miller, on the other hand, were just the wrong people for the wrong job. In any case, it was Kasdan who greenlit them and they were off the back of a couple of hits. Young, fresh talent and all that. But, they're one trick ponies and that's where the real problem lies. I could have told LFL and Kathleen Kennedy that for free a couple of years ago.

IMO, Kennedy has to be commended for halting things and correcting the ship. But that ship has a massive Harrison Ford shaped hole in it that's simply going to scupper this thing, no matter what happens.

In many ways, this clusterfuck is probably a good thing as far as fans are concerned as it means there will be a tightening up of who will be helming these projects from now on. That's if anybody has actually learned anything.