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Thread: SHUDDER (Streaming service)

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    SHUDDER (Streaming service)

    Anyone tried out Shudder?

    It's like Netflix but for horror. Just the fact that they've got like 10 Mario Bava films on there should tell you what kind of an audience they cater too. Tales from the Darkside is on there too.

    The Dead Next Door, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Night of the Demon, The Crazies, Ichi the Killer etc. etc. etc...
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    My connection is way too low for streaming services such as that, but it's good to know they've got a nice selection and they're not just pandering to mainstream dishwater pap, but have some good niche market stuff in there.

    That said, I'm quite a fan of physical media - particularly the likes of Arrow Video. I love having the extras, the artwork, and the movie in HD without the requirement of an Internet connection. A library of films I can access literally at my fingertips.


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