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Thread: "New Best Friends" Episode: | *SPOILER WARNING!*

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    "New Best Friends" Episode: | *SPOILER WARNING!*

    “New Best Friends” Episode: / *SPOILER WARNING!*
    Airdate: 19 February 2017:
    Well… Here’s Kat Holiday’s short and sweet recap!

    Okay, “The Garbage-Pail Kids” threw the gang one Hell of a reception! I think their party theme might have been a, “Children Of The Corn” meets “The Stepford Wives” mashup! -They opened with a rather strange game of musical-chairs -Or perhaps they’d call it, “Ring around the Rosita!” Tara sure can look scared! -Anyway... They then meet the leader, (Jadis) who claims she needs just about everything a gal could want, except for a hair stylist! (“The Garbage Pail Kids” may live in a junkyard, but for some reason they all seem to have some pretty good fashion sense! )-And one can’t help but dig their hep-lingo man!

    -Then Rick gets to meet, “Winslow” the parties entertainment for the event! “Winslow” does a couple of magic tricks (For a walker he was actually good!) but, he makes an early exit.

    Rick will need a shower now more than ever! -Ending the party with a pout, Tara and Rosita spoil the festivities by being attention hogs... -Meanwhile up near the gates of the Kingdom, Cranky Carol tells the King to get off of her front lawn! ...but opens her door (And her heart!) to Daryl! Later that evening, Carol & Daryl snuggle by the fireside in her new pad, and share their worst fears. (Well, MOST of their worst fears.) Daryl chickens out when it comes to telling Carol about Glenn and Abraham! OMG! We need to reactivate Carol! What’s up with that!? Later, Daryl confesses to Morgan that he’s a wimp and he decides to leave the Kingdom and return to The Hilltop!
    That’s about it folks. Short and sweet like I said!

    That’s all she wrote.

    Please view & comment on my living dead tribute,
    “The Walker!” /
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