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Thread: Thor: Ragnorak (film)

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    Thor: Ragnorak (film)

    I've quite enjoyed the Thor films so far...
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    The first Thor was good, but the second Thor was utterly forgettable. I can hardly recall what it was called ... The Dark Ones, or something like that, wasn't it? And I recall a bit alien tower thingy near the River Thames - that's all I remember from that movie!

    Interesting with the trailer for this third one - the vibe of Guardians of the Galaxy is quite noticeable! But it does look a lot more fun. Marvel struggle to do 'dark', so they might as well go for jolly good fun. That said, I'm much more looking forward to GotG Vol 2.

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    It's definitely Thor by way of Guardians of the Galaxy. They also say that this is more of a buddy "road trip" type movie with Thor and Banner, so I'm looking forward to a good little romp. It's the director of What We Do In The Shadows, which has a sense of humor and fun that could be applied wonderfully to this type of film.


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