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Thread: Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

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    My biggest problem with Thriller was non-Horror related. One was that John Landis tried to get his music video listed as a short subject so it would get considered for an Oscar. My objection at that time was it would have made it harder for lower budgeted productions to compete. I think there were a few other things I had issue with, but ... I forget. And since the video was an homage(not rip off)to Horror, we're going to reference a lot of cool stuff. Still, like Neil said: Vincent Price. So it's all good.

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    I thought the funniest part of the video was when M.J. and his girlfriend were walking through the ghetto late at night after she made it obvious that the werewolf movie scared her and he's singing to her about ghouls and demons coming out to get her... and this seems to be cheering her up! XD
    Just a zombie girl on a Saturday night. <3


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