From the originators of The Wire, and Treme, comes this new show that tells the tales of the early 1970s in and around New York's notorious 42nd Street and Times Square during the dawn of the 'porno chic' era.

Personally, I'm fascinated with the place & era - for the last year-and-a-bit I've been writing a coming-of-age murder mystery set during the 1980s on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues (otherwise known as "The Deuce"), so when I first heard of this show a few months back it naturally piqued my interests.

I see that Lawrence Gilliard Jr (Bob from The Walking Dead) is also in it. The first episode aired last night in the states, and was directed by Michelle McLaren (she's done a bunch of Breaking Bad episodes, several TWD eps, and various others). I listened to a Rialto Report podcast about this show (the people behind the podcast acted as advisors for the show) and I was glad to hear that the creator made clear that they didn't want to do "the 2016 version" of that era - they wanted to represent the era accurately, warts and all.

Gonna check out episode one tonight. Really looking forward to it!