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Thread: Birth Of A Zombie - Japanese Language Documentary

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    Birth Of A Zombie - Japanese Language Documentary

    This is Rob from the UK Evil Dead Trilogy fansite

    Every so year or so, I get a friend in Japan to buy bits & pieces of Evil Dead material like magazines & flyers on my behalf, and post them over to me in one package, so I can scan them and add them into my website. I have a large section of Japanese scans, of horror items I've bought for myself which are not Evil Dead related. There's some Night/Dawn/Day stuff on there for anyone who wants a look;

    Anyway, he sent me a new package of material at Christmas, and added in a Blu-Ray TV recording he'd made of a Japanese Language TV Documentary, Broadcast after George Romero's Death (specifically Nov 28, 2017), the title is roughly translated as 'Birth Of A Zombie'. It covers Night Of The Living Dead, along with various zombie related films & games, like Resident Evil. If you can read Japanese, or you want to run it through Google Translate, you can read more about it here;

    This thread may fall fowl of this forums piracy policy and be deleted, but I don't really know anyone else who would be hugely interested, so I ripped the BD-R 1:1 to an MKV file, so no re-encoding, and uploaded it to my own hosting webspace. There are no subtitles, and as I said above, it's entirely in Japanese, and I'm not sure how much of the footage & interviews are entirely 'new'. It may simply be a Japanese repackaging of an existing US documentary (?). Still, some completists may find it interesting. Here is some screenshots and a download link;

    Birth Of A Zombie - Japanese Language Documentary, Broadcast after George Romero's Death (Nov 28, 2017).mkv] (7.91GB)

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    Thank you for sharing this and all the other cool Japanese "Dead" stuff, Rob. I have known your website for quite some time and enjoy it a lot. Keep up the great work!
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    Thanks for this mate
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