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Thread: Gimple Moves Up. Kang Takes Over as Showrunner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Knight View Post
    No, the clip was for 8x09. You might have seen it if you watched Talking Dead. It was with Dwight, Michonne, Daryl, and Rosita.
    The mystery rumbles on!

    You mean a preview clip for 8x09 shown during the Talking Dead episode that aired after 8x08?

    The team working together properly would be most welcome. Thinking of that, a way they could have still done the garbage truck smash into the Sanctuary and had it make good sense would have been this: inside Sanctuary they make poles with sharp ends/knives attached and begin picking off the walkers one-by-one. It's slow, but eventually they'll get there. Perhaps they're also trying molotovs, but they prove to only be partially effective (most walkers are burned but still operational).

    The likes of Daryl and Tara see this and that there are more and more sharp poles being thrust from windows that are popping walker skulls. They're dispatching them quicker now and it'll only be a matter of time. Therefore, they hatch the garbage truck plan - because if they just leave this as-is the Saviours will get out safely. However, if they smash the truck in that'll cause panic, a swarm of walkers will enter, and they stand a chance of snuffing out the Saviours.

    But they didn't do that, did they? No, they wrote it so it was a stupid rogue plan when the main one that was already agreed upon was working! Just a small tweak would have made it make sense - hopefully Kang will make sure those sorts of character choices are fully reasoned out. Work the problem - if you need something to happen, just create a reason to instigate it and it'll all make sense. You can't just leave it dangling there half-solved.
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    MZ- Yeah, thatís the clip. It was nothing big, really. Haha mystery solved.

    Add: I agree with what you stated too. They donít really explain much. I canít wait for the new show runner. Like I said before, I wasnít in the camp that wanted Gimpleís head, but we really need the story structured and told through a new set of eyes. I will miss the great Gimple told stories involving Morgan though.
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