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Thread: So which Night film is canon to George's series, original or remake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilNed View Post
    I agree. With this part.

    And I think Romero did a good job of portraying the films in the order in which he inteded. Night, Dawn, Day and Land.
    The first three zombie movies fully make sense in progression, there are no contradictions between them, but Land is a different case. Even the issue of what the zombie bites do to people is contradicted by this movie. My impression is that Romero simply did not spend enough time ironing out the details for Land, or, as some people have pointed out, Romero's memory seems to have gotten worse with time, so maybe he just did not remember very well details from the previous movies and did not notice that some of his ideas for Land clashed with things he had established or implied in the previous films.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinionZombie View Post
    I think Romero got his ideas across just fine with Night/Dawn/Day/Land. The only thing with Day is that the budget had to be much smaller, so he had to adapt, but he still got his points across, and some of the points he was making with Land were clearly ideas that only make sense as a progression going forwards from Day of the Dead.
    I am still puzzled why you want to see no plot problems in Land with respect to the previous films, specially with Day. I plainly see quite a number of them: paper money retaining its value when the government that backed it up is gone, a main character ignoring something that no one far into a zombie apocalypse would ignore, huge numbers of people living fairly well on the surface that went wholly unaccounted for in the previous two films (where are all these survivors in Day or even in Dawn that no one mysteriously notices their existence, even though the survivors in these movies are very interested in the subject of information about other survivors? Were they hiding in a huge cave???), the establishment of the outposts early on during the zombie crisis, which is even reported by the media (yet, once again, no one mysteriously knows anything about them in the previous two movies), land travel outside of the outposts is still relatively safe and can be undertaken even by single individuals (whereas even in Dawn travelling on land is already quite dangerous and can only be pulled off by large well-armed groups, like the biker gang, who can defy the increasing hordes of zombies freely roaming the land), etc. There's plenty of problems between Land and the previous two movies.
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    I think Romero did a good Job at depicting Land taking place After Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilNed View Post
    I think Romero did a good Job at depicting Land taking place After Day.

    And JDP - I addressed all those points quite clearly in one or two of my previous posts.


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