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Thread: Criterion Release of Night

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidgloves View Post
    Lots of complaints of the encoding on the Argento cut and why have they got remake screenshots?
    Going back to this, (The italian Dawn of the Dead 2, 4 or 6 disc set)
    The remake screenshots are probably just a goof by Amazon.
    And the codec used is perhaps subpar to what could have been but people seem very pleased with the overall picture.
    However, only the Argento cut is 4k remastered. The other transfers are a few years old. Still HD of course, but probably not as impressive.

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    This is a must have.
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    I've been digging through the extras - some good stuff in there, including some stuff put together by the Autopsy of the Dead folks, as well as Every Frame A Painting (check out their YouTube channel - great vids there), and the 16mm dailies are really interesting as you get to see various takes of shots that they didn't use for whatever reason, or little goofs (e.g. squibs not going off - the cable dragging through the grass - or Kyra Schon is just sitting in an armchair in the background of one shot, assuming she was out-of-shot, but in the next take they've moved her elsewhere, hehe).

    A nicely put together disc, too - I like that they have a little description of each extra feature (the only thing they're missing is a running time, which would be helpful) - even the commentaries have their own chapter headings so you can hop to specific points of interest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MinionZombie View Post
    (although couldn't they have moved the Criterion "C" elsewhere so it's not slapped on top of the "N" from "Night"? ... and what kind of devil created that bizarre disc holder? Is this standard for Criterion? I don't tend to buy their releases as most of the stuff I'm interested in is put out by Arrow or 88 Films).
    Criterion stamp their C in the top left of every cover. They're consistent, if nothing else.

    Most of their cases are the same as others, but my copy of '12 Angry Men' was like Fort Knox.
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    i got this on release day, but wanted to add my voice to the chorus:

    for anyone still on the fence: this baby is worth every penny....and this is coming from someone who already owns 2 dvd releases and another (inferior) blu ray release.


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