Recently, some stories were selected to be included in some anthologies of stories from HPOTD being put together by students at Montana Western as part of a project they are doing. A current list (these may change) of the anthology titles and the contributions to be included in them can be found below.

If your contribution is listed, your story will still appear as it always has (at HPOTD), but it will also be included in a separate, downloadable PDF too.

If you are not happy with this, and do not wish it to be included in an anthology please let me know by March 9th.

Another Time
Night of The Living Dead: The Cooper Family - Matt Hayward
Civil Servant - Jason Lenox
The Chitterings - Nicola Rees
Dwindling - Kevin McClintock
Gore of the Green - Daniel Buff
Robert’s Story - Joseph Dunbar
One Man’s Last Stand - Benjamin Van Damme
Seclusion - Robert Ashkenes
A True Survivor - Erik A. Lemmerman
Hunt - Paul Arnold
The Fighting Irish - Jon Moran

Indistinctive Decisions
The Gods Themselves - Biswapriya Purkayastha
Stray Hearts - Jesus Riddle Morales
Descent into The Dark - Biswapriya Purkayastha
In Hell 28 - Biswapriya Purkayastha
Things That Go Bump in The Night - Mark Loughton
The Understanding - Jim Taylor
The Not-Men - James Scolari
Air Warrior - Gary Ollman
Ghosts - Josh Herrmann
Why Has Thou Forsaken Me - Pete Soto

The Little Anthology of Zombies and Scary Stuff
Lucifer’s Lament- Lee Hartnup
Dead Memories - Eric Stoeser
Helpless - Will Butler
Closure - Chris Bassford
The Beast - Biswarpriya Purkayastha
Hangman - Daniel Lee
Night of the Full Moon - Biswarpriya Purkayastha
It’s Always the Last Place You’d Look - Steve Gideon
Day One - Mathew Hervol
It Would Be So Much Easier Without Noise - Lee Hartnup

Undead Anthology
Dark of the Moon - Biswarpriya Purkayastha
T’was the Night of the Living Dead - Terry McCutchen
A Place to Hide - Daniel Lee
Cold November - Doug Hoffman
Pity the Dead - Draven Creed
The Morgue - Travis Stoffs
Dawn of the Dead - Tony Thurisaz
Blackbird - Dave Taylor
Diner - Eddie Poe
Baby Love - Michael Petrucelli