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Thread: How Come There Is No........

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    How Come There Is No........

    Fear the Walking Dead thread in the forum. Itís a zombie show which is getting better by the season. How bout that?

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    Here's the one for last season:

    It was on the same page as this thread..... The rest are further back.

    The one for the new season must not have been started yet.

    Originally, there were threads for each episode, but I guess there wasn't enough interest so it was merged into one.
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    Yes, originally I posted individual threads for episodes, but over the course of seasons 2 and 3 the responses per thread were dwindling considerably due to decreasing interest - so I opted to do whole or half-season threads for Fear The Walking Dead so the board wasn't clogged up with a screed of barely-used Fear threads. The threads for TWD get far more traffic and responses by comparison, and spoilers tend to be a far bigger concern with TWD than with Fear, so that's a big factor in keeping TWD discussions separated to individual episodes.

    I'll bung up a Fear Season 4 thread for you now (I would have been putting it up in a week or so).

    *edit* Fear Season 4 thread here:
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