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Thread: Night of the Living Dead remake: Tom Savini

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    Quote Originally Posted by LivingDeadGuy View Post
    I dont think a horror movie has to be drowned in gore effects just to be good. A lot of great horror movies had low levels of violence in them. Look at Psycho and Carnival of Souls.
    Yes, but the modern zombie genre is well known for its gore content. That's how its founder (viz. Romero) envisioned it and how most of his early Spanish & Italian followers (Ossorio, Grau, Fulci, Girolami, Bianchi, Mattei) also saw it and fully exploited it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    Acting? Some of the acting is better too?

    But yes, having recently re-watched Night 1990, although I enjoyed it, I'd have to say the original is the better overall flick...
    I have mixed feelings about the acting in both films. Some of the actors from the 1968 film did a better job than those of the remake, and vice versa. Also, the way the characters were written in both films also has an influence on this. For example, I prefer the original Cooper than the remake one. The Cooper of the remake was too much of an a-hole to be believable. The "a-holeness" of the original Cooper was more realistic. In fact, you can feel more sympathy for a character like the original Cooper than that of the remake. At least the original Cooper sometimes did make more sense than the other characters.

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    I dunno, if you grew up with an abusive father or were ever in an abusive relationship i think remake Cooper would be believable. His asshole behaviour in a crisis was exactly what i would expect from a domineering man especially in regards to the way he treated his wife Helen.


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