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Thread: Deadscapes II: June 2007 Update

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    I'm used to a sense of stress and dread approaching shoots and such. The past has been marred with schedule conflicts, financial worries, and workload issues. Strangely, things are running smoothly thus far for this project. Intermittent shooting and editing, along with FX testing and set construction have marked June as a calm but productive month. Highlights show that the coming months will bring this project to a crescendo (and right on schedule too):
    • The script has undergone a major revision this month. Unlike Episode I, written in a 40-hour bender and shot in only a fraction's worth more time, I've had time to reflect on this story and now make changes where necessary.
    • The news sequence is 99.9% complete with literally a mere few seconds left to shoot. The final edit will be put to use in footage shot next month (July 2007).
    • Along with prop gathering, the FX front has yielded exciting results with successful testing. Some time in the future, the methods will be revealed. But for now, I'll quell the indie jinx but not giving them away.
    • As I've said before, location is another character in my opinion. I've taken great care at choosing and even constructing sets to shoot scenes. I hope the outcome will prove worth all the effort.
    • I'm likely to be relinquishing the musical reigns on this one. My musical concentration is elsewhere now and for the foreseeable future and I'd much rather keep the focus where it is. Although out of my hands, I'll obviously compensate for this by acquiring pre-recorded source material that not only is to par with what I want, but even more so appropriate than what I could write.
    July will continue in the above manner; a little here and a little there. August will be the big preparation for September's big shoots. All is shaping up to be on schedule and efficient (something I'm not used to while doing this). It's nice to set a workable pace for all this and it's nice working on my own - no egos to contend with and no frantic guerrilla rushing. Things are fleshing out nicely.

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    Glad to hear things are moving nicely, Sir.

    It is always nice when things move like you want, really helps the creative process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cereval View Post
    Things are fleshing out nicely.
    I just love that word. Very appropriate too, Sir Evil.


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