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Thread: 1 Week today til the UK Release (27th Aug 07)

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    1 Week today til the UK Release (27th Aug 07)

    Hope you guys are picking up a copy (hint, hint)!

    I've received a copy of the DVD from Revolver, who are distributing and its a nice package. Contrary to certain websites and reviews, it is 18-rated and contains a number of extras:

    *Until the Last Light Goes Out - The Making of The Zombie Diaries (56mins)

    *12 Deleted Scenes (15mins)

    *Directors' Commentary (Kevin Gates and Michael Bartlett)

    *Cast Commentary (Russell Jones, Craig Stovin, Hiram Bleetman, Anna Blades, Jonathan Ball, Jonnie Hurn, Sophia Ellis, James Fisher, Will Tosh)

    *Original Trailer

    *Trailers for several other titles from Revolver Entertainment
    Kevin Gates: Writer & Director - The Zombie Diaries

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    I'll swear my copy has only the film on it?
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    Special Features should be an option on the right hand side of the menu screen. Before the menu comes up there is a 'letter countdown' (as I call it) bit of one of the trailers before the menu comes up.

    Maybe it's your DVD player being weird, try it on a PC.

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    Indeed, lower right hand side, old chap. If it aint working then something's up with your machine as I highly doubt the disc would be pressed without the extras. Shame too, the making of documentary is great!

    In fact, the whole disc is a damn treat. Did I say that already?


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