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Thread: Film Projects by HPotD Members (updated 8th March 2010)

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    Post Film Projects by HPotD Members (updated 8th March 2010)

    This thread will be dedicated to zombie & general horror projects (past and present) of HPOTD members. If you have are making or have done a zombie/general horror film project, PM me or email me so that it may be listed here. Please limit your submissions to projects already completed or in production, plans to make a zombie film won't count.

    Zombie Horror - Films by HPOTD Members

    Cereval - Circling The Drain (status: defunct, 2005)
    Cereval - Deadscapes: Broken Road (status: completed, 2005)
    Cereval - Deadscapes II: By Mourning Light (status: pre-production, 2007)

    axlish - Dead Afternoon (status:completed 2002, 2005* redux)
    axlish - Season of the Dead (status: completed, 2006)

    hellsing - Reaction (status: in production, 2006)

    MinionZombie - Trapped (status: completed, 2005) - Part One - Part Two
    MinionZombie - I Am Zombie Man (status: completed, 2006) - Watch On YouTube
    MinionZombie - I Am Zombie Man 2 (status: completed, 2007) - Part One - Part Two - Part Three
    MinionZombie - The Inevitable Decomposition of Zombie Man (status: completed, 2010) - Watch On YouTube
    MinionZombie - Signing Off (status: completed, 2008) - Watch On YouTube

    DjfunkmasterG - Deadlands: The Rising (status: completed, 2006)
    DjfunkmasterG - Deadlands 2: Trapped (status: completed, 2008)
    DjfunkmasterG - Deadlands: The Rising (2010 remake) (status: In negotiations w/ Jaz Films)
    DjfunkmasterG - Deadlands 3 (2012) (status: Scripting)

    MisterChrome - Dead News Report (status: ?, 2004)

    livingdeadboy - Survivors (status: completed)
    livingdeadboy - Night of the Living Dead 2007 (status: completed, 2007)

    Dawg - The Dead: Live (status: completed, 2004)
    Dawg - Rebirth: Dead Live 2 (status: in production, 2006)

    OzHair - The Final Word (status: completed, 2005)

    Pistolero Films - The Reckoning (status: completed, 2007)

    BrodietheSlayer - Dead Evolution (status:completed 2005)
    BrodietheSlayer - Welcome To Luna Pier (status:completed 2006)

    Derek - Colin (status: in production, 2008)

    Sidebeards - Untitled Tape (Diary of the Dead MySpace Entry) (2008)
    Sidebeards - F*cking Zombies Everywhere (Trailer) (2008)
    Sidebeards - The Dead Won't Die (2008)

    DrSIN - Evans City Stories (status: in production, 2008)

    chukrok - Dead Air (status: completed, 2008) - Watch On YouTube

    CooperWasRight - Among The Dead (status: in production 2010) - Watch On Vimeo

    General Horror - Films by HPOTD Members

    Fulcifan91 - Eating Habits (status: in production, 2006)

    MinionZombie - VHS: Long Play (status: completed, 2008) - Watch On YouTube
    MinionZombie - VHS (status: completed, 2006) - Watch On YouTube
    MinionZombie - my NIGHTMARE (status: completed, 2004)

    kchertu - The Hostage (status: completed, 2008) - Watch On YouTube
    kchertu - Born Laughing (status: completed, 2008) - Watch On YouTube

    P.S. - Your help is needed to keep these links maintained. Please inform me of broken links and updates. Also contact me ASAP if you're a member of these forums and your completed / in-progress film is not listed!

    If you have a non-zombie horror film which is either in production or completed, and has an active website, please inform me via PM.

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    i just want to add to this, if you have any projects you want adding to the list or need any modifying, please do contact MinionZombie, as he is in charge of maintaining this list now.


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