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The first and second episodes of Deadscapes are now available for purchase through IndieFlix, a unique site that distributes independent productions both large and small. The benefit for something such as Deadscapes, a no-budget series, is the exposure. The agreement is a non-exclusive arrangement that makes your title(s) available for purchase On a less preferable note, when you submit a title the only thing under your control setup-wise is the feature itself. So when either Deadscapes episode is purchased through them, you get the film on a disc in a standardized package - no cover art, no bonus features.

I'm not complaining though. This is another opportunity to get this project out there. And I'm thankful. Hopefully, if there are those who will shell out a few bucks to by these at IndieFlix, then those same people will be sold enough to buy the full edition official DVDs. Hopefully.