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After a long bout of procrastination, Deadscapes is officially on MySpace. To much dismay of the director, there is no denying that this website is an essential tool in promotion and networking. The "push" that became "shove" in this endeavor was the discovery of the exclusive Diary of the Dead trailer posted a few days ago on MySpace and the introduction by none other than George Romero himself. In this introduction he also announced the contest that will proceed this trailer release. This competition calls short filmmakers to submit their work for not only evaluation by The Man himself, but for possible inclusion of the short on the DVD release of Diary.

I seem to recall back in 2005, there was a chance to ride this zombie wave on the ocean of zombie momentum caused by Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Land of the Dead. My first project would've done nicely, even for just a blink of an eye on the crest of this wave. Now, with demons exorcised and a firm blade of resolve in hand, my hopes are that some years later I'll be able to vindicate all that was lost prior. I've worked hard on Deadscapes. I've worked hard at being the best fan and filmmaker I can be. It wouldn't just be poetic justice for this opportunity to be mine. It'd be so much more, especially on a personal front.

In considering all that has befallen my film experience in the past 6 years (both bad and good) this opportunity may prove to be the ultimate rectifier for the ghosts that haunt my work. Nothing would redeem shattered aspirations and cursed attempts more than to win. Right now my hope is like a single silhouette on the horizon, shambling forward. But as one turns into ten and an insurmountable number turns into legion, I can only continue hoping that it means one thing: inevitability.